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Originally posted on the pluralsight blog:

Craig Shoemaker has just released a new version of his HTML5 Fundamentals course.

Here’s the list of updates: 

  • All information is now up to date as of summer 2013
  • The whole course has been updated and re-recorded
  • Each slide has been updated
  • Each sample has either been updated or rewritten to reflect the most modern techniques and approaches
  • There is over 65 minutes of new content!
  • He added a module on HTML5 Selection API and a module on HTML5 Drag and Drop API

A little more about the course:

In this course you will learn about HTML5 and find out about what new elements and JavaScript APIs make up HTML5. You will find out why you can start today using HTML5 in your applications and what to expect in the future. You’ll also follow along with examples in DOM selection, HTML forms, media, canvas and the drag and drop APIs. Click…

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Originally posted on the pluralsight blog:

Are you a dev pro who dabbles in IT? If so and you’re not building up your virtualization skills, what’s holding you back? It’s possible you’re not sure where to begin your training, and if that’s the case, we’re here to help.

If you haven’t heard, we recently acquiredTrainSignal, the leading provider of IT training online. Over the next few months, we’re working to get TrainSignal’s entire library in our platform, so you’ll have access to more training at the same low price, including the virtualization courses below.

Save this infographic for when you’re ready to start training!

Top virtualization skills

Top virtualization skills to boost your career – An infographic by the team at TrainSignal, which is now Pluralsight

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The Web Hosting

What is the web hosting?

The web  hosting is renting a space on a server.So how does it wrok?

how can you choose the ideal package that you need for your web site?

First of all lets talk about how it works.Imagine how your files and documents are stored on your desktop computer,so in any time you can access them.

The web page is similar to those files but since many users trying to access that web page

it needs to be stored  on much higher specification computer with a connection

to internet through powerful link.A computer on which web pages are stored we call it a web server.

What kind of web hosting you may find?

There are many different varieties of webhosting designed to meet different needs.For example:

A two web page website-set up by individual- will  require far less package than high traffic website set up by company.

So what are the important things that you should know about web hosting before buying that service:

1-Amount of web space:The amount of web space that web hosting company will allow you to use.

2-Number of email addresses:The number of email addresses that web hosting company will give you.

3-Band width:The amount of data that your website can transmit to web users.

4-Band width overage:this happens if you go over your allotted bandwidth.

5-Operation system: The major differentiating factor between web hosting companys.

Now what kind of other services can web hosting companys offer to you:

-Domain names registration.

-Email services.

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